COPPERAS COVE — House Creek Elementary School Principal Larea Gamble promised to kiss a pig?

No, no, no.

Gamble read the book, “Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig,” to the students.

Now, that makes more sense.

As House Creek students sat in anticipation, Gamble turned the pages of the book she was reading and glanced out at her young audience. She told them about the principal who was going to kiss a pig because of the number of books her students had read.

Gamble and Assistant Principal Julie Fish took a day off from their daily duties to fulfil the Book It! Principal’s Reading Challenge, which encourages principals to spend the day reading to their students.

Librarian Roseanne Dietze said this is not only fun for the students but also encourages them to read.

“I look forward to this day every year because it presents strong role models to our students, therefore encouraging them to want to pick up a book and read,” Dietze said.

The students were focused and intrigued as Gamble and Fish shared stories with them. Gamble said this is what makes reading to the students so enjoyable and why she does it every year.

“To see the students’ love for the written and spoken word was refreshing and inspiring,” Gamble said. “I was impressed with their attentiveness and their ability to make text connections.”

Fish was proud of the students’ effort to get ahead in their schoolwork to make time for her to read to them.

“It was so much fun to get to celebrate reading with our students,” Fish said. “They worked hard to accumulate time and I was excited to see their love of reading when we celebrated. The students giggled with delight, made great predictions while reading and were able to reflect on whether those predictions were accurate.”

Gamble and Fish participated in the challenge because they say it is important to encourage students to want to read.

“Programs like these are building strong readers at our school and we appreciate the teachers’ and parents’ hard work to strengthen that foundation,” Fish said. “It will make all the difference in the future success of our students.”

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