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The proposed 14th phase of the Goodnight Ranch subdivision is seen in green at the intersection of Bunny Trail and Mohawk Drive, an undeveloped road directly north of the parcel, in southwest Killeen. The possible subdivision will include 179 new single-family homes.

A proposed 50-acre residential subdivision in southwest Killeen could add to increased traffic on the Bunny Trail corridor if the plan is approved by the Killeen City Council in August.

On Monday, the Killeen Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended council approval of a rezoning request for Phase 14 of the Goodnight Ranch subdivision developed by Reeces Creek Developers.

The newest phase includes 179 single-family homes on the eastern right-of-way of Bunny Trail just south of undeveloped Mohawk Drive. According to the city, the subdivision would generate 1,790 vehicle trips per day at full build out.

The subdivision would add more homes to an area that has long been the ire of motorists during early morning commutes.

In February, residents said early morning traffic at two schools on Bunny Trail — Haynes Elementary School and Roy J. Smith Middle School — created hourslong backups for residents attempting to leave the subdivision.

“(Alamocitos Creek Drive) is the worst street in this area because there is only one main outlet,” resident Carla Ransom said in February. “We do have another new one by (Roy J. Smith Middle School), but from what I understand, it’s just as bad.”

During a joint meeting between the Killeen City Council and Killeen Independent School District Board of Trustees in May, the two bodies discussed ongoing concerns over traffic in the area and a lack of sidewalks and street lighting leading up to the two facilities.

Killeen school district Superintendent John Craft said the district was working to increase student safety on sidewalks to the facility but said the district was limited in increasing sidewalk space due to a lack of development immediately adjacent the schools. According to city ordinance, developers are required to build sidewalks on their property when they are not in the public right-of-way.

If the council approves the subdivision rezoning request, the development of Mohawk Drive just north of the subdivision could be part of the plat approval process, the city said.

According to Killeen’s 2015 Transportation Capital Improvements Program, Mohawk Drive was envisioned to act as a new east-west corridor between Clear Creek Drive and State Highway 195 and alleviate pressure on southwest Killeen as residential development in that area continues.

The city listed Mohawk Drive construction as a “medium priority” project in its plan. | 254-501-7567

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Once again the city of Killeen demonstrates their complete inability to plan ahead. All they see are the dollar signs rolling through their eyes when a developer comes along and wants to build another sub division. Taxes-Taxes-Taxes!!! That's all they can think about. But then they have to stop and say whoa! How we gonna get all that traffic in and out of there?
Bunny Trail was inadequate when it was built. Mohawk was never intended to be a major thoroughfare even though it is surrounded by property just waiting to be developed.
Maybe Killeen should hire some city planners who are actually able to plan!


No big surprise. The City Council and the developers are close friends. I look forward to moving out of Killeen as fast as I can!

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