Killeen City Manager Ron Olson will bring the public up to date on the 2018 budget process when he gives his first status update during the Killeen City Council’s workshop meeting at 5 p.m. today.

Olson will present the council with current revenue projections for the city’s general fund.

Olson has said he is looking to change the city’s budgeting process by providing more in-depth updates to council members and also turning the budget creation on its head by requiring department heads to fit their individual budgets within projected revenue limits.

“That way, I know I’m coming in with a balanced budget,” Olson told the Herald on April 11.

During an exclusive interview with the Herald on March 4, Olson said city managers in the past received departmental budgets that exceeded predicted revenues.

“I think what (city administrators) did is they went out to the departments and said ‘what do you need to operate next year?’ Then they looked at what revenues they had and said ‘there’s a big gap between those two things,’” Olson said March 4. “That’s the $8 million problem.”

In June 2016, former interim City Manager Ann Farris presented the council with a preliminary budget with an $8 million shortfall. After months of expenditure cuts, the council balanced the 2017 budget in January.

After the revenue projections for the general fund are presented today, Olson said his staff would move onto enterprise fund projections, then begin piecing departmental budgets together.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at the Utility Collections Building, 210 W. Avenue C.

In other business, the council will:

  • Discuss retaking final review of city platting — or the drawing of property lines — from the city’s planning and zoning commission. The council voted away its final review of platting maps to the commission in 2013 as a way to streamline development requests within the city. After the council critiqued multiple absences during commission meetings, Councilman Gregory Johnson requested April 4 that the council discuss retaking oversight because “the buck should stop at the City Council.”
  • Consider spending more than $114,000 from the Killeen Police Department’s state seizure account to pay for a slew of equipment including trauma kits and air respirators. | 254-501-7567

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Copy: 'This is the comment from Alvin.
This is the personal comment of this writer.
Well we are finally getting to the 'meat' of what this city, this council, and this budget process should be all about. I commend Mr. Ron Olsen for this move in trying to outline just 'what is a budget'.
My only suggestion is 'shrink down the General Portion of this city budget and place the impetus on the department level. If this is completed and allowing each of the various departments a 'normal' contingency, then the 'General' portion of the budget, which does not support all of the departmental portions of the budget, then it can be only for the 'out of pocket expenses' so to speak. But with this type of budget forecast, the impetus will be in the departments alone.
And finally, I would put the budget in a format that complies with the individual departmental strategy, one that will allow the city council to look at what and how each department is doing I respect to 'keeping abreast of how they are doing'.
With this then there will no longer be a 'budget' which is to be passed, and there will be no 'Extra's' for the inclusion of all of the 'necessities to be considered' outside of the budget process, and which has been a drain on this city's monetary needs.
With this in mind, I would rethink the need for any and all platting to be done solely by the planning and zoning committee. It is the opinion of this writer that this city council should be abreast of 'just what this city will look like and the responsibility rests with this, the current city council'.
And I agree with the Mr. Gregory Johnson statement, 'The Buck Stops Here'.
And I do not agree with the statement:
Copy: 'Consider spending more than $114,000 from the Killeen Police Department’s state seizure account to pay for a slew of equipment including trauma kits and air respirators.' End of copy.
This, is a continuation of the past 'allowances' of this city, what else is there to be considered over and above the single entity of 'equipment including trauma kits and respirators'. This, in my opinion is a simplistic approach, go for a total look at what is to be required., IE: What is the general outlook for the 'safety services' of this city? And that is just one facit of the overall budget.
One of the few who voted.

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