A swollen Mesquite Creek is seen on Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018 in Lampasas County the morning after a low pressure system moved through the area bringing rain, wind and hail.

The rain may have gone away for now, but it didn’t go far, as the National Weather Service expects the area’s rain chances to return by Saturday.

In a 24-hour period that began at noon Wednesday, Killeen saw 1.94 inches of rainfall, causing the closure of at least one Killeen street, and bringing the total rainfall for the year to 29.65 inches to date.

Despite a second half of the year that was wetter than normal, according to the NWS, the drier than average first half left Killeen just under its average yearly rainfall total of 32.83 inches.

Temperatures Friday should remain in the low 50s for the high, with lows in the mid-30s, rain chances will return Saturday, along with cooler temperatures, according to the NWS. The rain chances will not be significant, and the NWS does not expect any more severe weather.

However, high temperatures are not predicted to get back out of the 40s until Monday, when they should bounce back up to the upper 50s for a warmer start to 2019.

This week’s rain caused area waters to rise a road closure at Edgefield Street and Cody Poe in Killeen on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Belton Lake was about 3 feet above normal, and StillHouse Hollow lake was nearly 6 feed above normal.

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