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Creeks were rising in some places, many roads had high water from steady rain and rain was expected to continue Thursday.

In the video below, 

Motorists in the northbound and southbound lanes encounter water on the road at the 3000 block of old FM 440 in Killeen on Wednesday.

Fort Hood closed one of its roads Wednesday and authorities across the area urged motorists not to cross any road that has water flowing across it.

The rain was accompanied by cold and the city of Killeen opened a warming shelter Wednesday through Friday morning.

Some cold rain throughout the day was the main weather problem in Killeen on Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service station in Dallas/Fort Worth.

“We haven’t received any reports of freezing rain or sleet from your area yet and temperatures are going to slowly increase throughout the day so you will really just see cold rain during the day,” meteorologist Patricia Sanchez said Wednesday. “Freezing rain is likely to happen more to the north of you, where temperatures are a bit cooler.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Killeen Skylark airport had received 2.09 inches of rain since midnight, according to the NWS.

By 4:30 p.m., Killeen police had 25 calls for service in reference to traffic accidents and no road closures, police said.

Wednesday’s temperatures hovered in the 30s, just above freezing.

Today will see rain chances of 90 percent in the morning before falling to 20 percent later in the afternoon. Temperatures today will reach a high of 45 degrees and a low of 35 degrees.

Weather for the remainder of the week is expected to stay sunny, with temperatures in the upper-50s to lower-60s.

At approximately 2 p.m. Wednesday, Fort Hood Directorate of Emergency Services officials reported East Range Road north of Brookhaven Road was closed until further notice due to flooding on the Fort Hood Reservation.

In Troy, Temple Fire & Rescue helped rescue a motorist after his truck was swept into Big Elm Creek in Troy, near 14530 Old Troy Road. Also assisting with the rescue wass the Belton Fire Department, Temple Fire & Rescue spokesman Thomas Pechal said.

The motorist was freed from his submerged truck by emergency responders.

Killeen Community Center has been opened as a warming station for those needing relief from near-freezing weather. Warming station operations are expected to continue until Friday morning when temperatures are predicted to rise.

The warming station is set up to offer temporary relief from cold and does not offer full sheltering services, Killeen officials said.

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