Picture this — it’s 100 degrees in Killeen, and you get home from running errands. You go to the thermostat, and lower the temperature. The air conditioner does not engage. You turn the thermostat to the “on” position. The air conditioner kicks on, but after a few minutes you notice it is not blowing cold air.

You check the air filter, but it is fine. You check the circuit breaker, but there are no tripped circuits. Now what? The question is, who is responsible for air conditioner repairs when it goes out?

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I'm not sure what I think about this article. The information about home warranty policies was informative. You think you're purchasing a warranty policy on your refrigerator its reasonable to assume the ice maker is covered too. Apparently not necessarily. What's most disconcerting is there are, apparently, people who are renting apartments and don't know they're supposed to call their landlord when something breaks. Really? Who do they think is responsible when their car runs out of gas? Worse yet...they probably vote too! As for you homeowners out there; you're just on your own. Nobody cares about you. Everybody hates you. You're going to lose. Pay your taxes and shut up!

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