Every year brings changes both big and small, and every person on the street has a different idea of the “perfect year.”

As 2017 came to a close, many people took some time to reflect on what they thought of the year as a whole while also expressing hope for what 2018 has in store.

“The biggest thing to happen to us last year? That little one right there,” Chris Delgado said, nodding toward his 1-year-old daughter, Luciana, who was being held by his wife, Dianna. “She was actually born in 2016, but this year has been a year of firsts with raising her.”

Delgado said there weren’t too many big events for the family during 2017 as they were focused on raising their daughter.

He also said they expect to have even less time in 2018, and the couple is expecting their second child in March.

“2017 was filled with late nights and no sleep, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” he said. “I am looking forward to watching the kids grow over the next year.”

While some people focused on big family changes, other residents celebrated professional changes.

“I actually got a promotion at work this year,” Capt. Christina Williamson said. “There is no pay change since I am in the military, but I am in a leadership position now, and that is really great.”

The main thing Williamson said she was looking forward to in 2018 is a change of scenery.

“I am having a (permanent change of station) to Fort Bragg in 2018,” she said. “I am actually from North Carolina and most of my family is there, so this will be like going home for me.”

Still other residents were focused on personal achievements and improvements. Some people chose to stay active during the year, participating in multiple outdoor events.

“I try to run five or six obstacle course races a year including national championships, and this year I came in first place for my age group (60+) in all the races I ran,” said 69-year-old Robert Smith. “Because of that, I was invited to visit the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center train with the top 30 obstacle course racers in the country, and I just got back from that this week.”

Smith said he is excited to continue running, and has plans to run several more races in 2018. One obstacle course run he is planning to participate in in September is a “laser run,” which is a course that tasks runners with stopping to fire a gun at five targets at different points in the race.

“I was invited to be a part of the laser run course in Dublin, Ireland, from September 20-24,” Smith said. “I turn 70 next year, so I will be running in a new age group at the event.”


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