Warming Station

The Killeen Community Center is seen Tuesday, January 2, 2018. A portion of the center is being used as a warming station for homeless citizens in the area.

Eric J. Shelton | Herald

After three days of remaining open during freezing weather, the Killeen Community Center had three residents use the facility as a temporary warming shelter, the city said Tuesday.

Killeen Director of Communications Hilary Shine said the facility remained open since 3 p.m. Sunday and offered residents shower facilities and snacks on site.

While the city previously referred people looking to escape the cold to the Friends in Crisis homeless shelter on Sprott Street during cold weather, it issued a press release Saturday saying it would keep the center open during off hours for the unseasonably cold weather.

“The severity and duration of the forecasted freezing weather made it likely that there might be people in need of a temporary place to get warm,” Shine said Tuesday. “This decision was made independent of the shelter’s status.”

While the city issued a press release to local media and on its website, it did not put out a notice on social media for the service.

Shine said the city also notified law enforcement and first responders of the facility’s status so they could inform anyone they encountered of a warm place to stay during weather that dipped into the 20s over the weekend.

In the release, the city also pointed those in need of shelter services to other facilities, including:

Friends in Crisis shelter at 412 E. Sprott St.

Jesus Hope & Love Mission at 818 N. 4th Street

Cove House at 108 E. Halstead Ave.

Salvation Army in Temple at 419 W. Avenue G

Temperatures are expected to reach into the upper 40s today with no chance of snow, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

The center, located at 2201 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd., is expected to remain open as long as freezing temperatures linger in the area. The facility can be reached by public transportation on The Hop regional system.

For more information, contact the city's public information office at 254-501-7751.

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