A retired Temple police officer working a funeral procession in Killeen was taken to a local hospital after a collision between his motorcycle and a vehicle Monday morning.

The officer, who police said is in his late 50s to early 60s, cleared an intersection at Florence and Jasper roads as part of the procession at 9:15 a.m.

Killeen police Sgt. Edgar Maceo said a woman driving a white SUV tried to exit the procession

onto Second Street, when the retired officer T-boned her car.

The injured officer was alert, but suffered injuries at the scene of the accident, Maceo said.

“It looks like he’s got some real serious injuries, one of them to ... either his left or right leg. It’s pretty serious,” Maceo said.

After officers and emergency medical services arrived on scene, a helicopter was initially called to take the man to a hospital, Killeen fire officials said.

Killeen fire officials were seen laying strobes on the field at Nolan Middle School across from the Herald office at 1809 Florence Road, but the flight was called off.

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May the deceased and the family of the dearly departed reach peace and be comforted in the loving arms of God Almighty. May God comfort the the family of the injured person escorting the funeral procession. Funeral procession aren't dangerous, but people tend to show no respect the the deceased these days. When I was a young WHITE, working my way up to SNOW grade, my beloved pappy and mammy would pull over to the roadside, direct us lil WHITES to exit the vehicle, lower our head in prayer, and place our hands over our hearts, while my parental WHITES did the same. We were taught this was a sign of respect to the deceased, and respect for the family. Today the critters that zoom along our byways and highways do so while HIGH, inebriated, or with wanton disregard for the lives of others. It might be time to disband these processions in order to save innocent lives form mayhem or murder. This is sad to be sure, but this country is occupied by critters who no longer know, or never cared to learn our unique customs and mores.

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