Missing people

Michael Swearingin, 32, and Jenna Scott, 28, went missing in early January, and were later found dead in Oklahoma. 

TEMPLE — Members of Jenna Scott’s family and others are actively searching the Temple area for Jenna, 28, and her friend, Michael Swearingin, 32 — both reported missing about a week ago by Temple Police.

The two were last seen in a gray Hyundai Genesis that was found in Austin, according to the Austin Police Department.

Among those searching for the missing friends is a Troy woman with her two search dogs, Jenna’s father, Jonathan Scott, said Thursday.

Crystal Fields and her two K-9 search dogs, Boogie and Riegel, actively searched Thursday, but the search locations and any further information was not released.

The Temple Police Department has not released any information about search efforts.

“This is still an active investigation. All information we have to release is found on social media,” Temple Police spokeswoman Ellen Morton said Thursday in an email to the Telegram.

The family’s search efforts

Jonathan Scott and people they’d hired searched a couple of locations in the Temple area — places where Jenna and Michael used to go. They took a family dog with them to help and thoroughly walked through those areas, Jonathan said.

Michael was family to the Scotts, Jenna’s father said, even living with the Scott family for a short period of time.

“We love both of them. We’re looking for them. If we find one, the trail will lead to the other,” he said.

On Thursday, Deborah Daniel-Harrison, Michael’s mother, said she went to pray at the church her son attended — Vista Community Church. The Scott family joined her, along with church members and the pastor, Deborah said.

After she prayed, Deborah drove around “Michael’s area” to look for anything she could find that might help find Michael and Jenna.

Michael had a history of heart problems, she said.

“I just have to do this,” Deborah said.

Jonathan followed a lead Wednesday night from someone who thought they saw Jenna and Michael at a Temple motel, but the lead wasn’t accurate.

Psychics contacted the family and suggested some places where the missing duo might be found, and he and others checked them out.

“We’re not discounting anything,” Jonathan said.

Scott’s father said the fliers they’ve put together are being handed out at Temple area businesses, like Cefco and Hawkeye Shooting Academy. They’ve reached out to friends all over the country for help to find Jenna and Michael.

Parents speak out

Deborah and Jonathan were both displeased Thursday with some news coverage that emphasized Jenna’s troubled past — not the fact she was missing.

Jonathan defended his daughter. “She had a past and never hid it,” Jonathan said. “But she totally changed her life and turned it all around.”

Jonathan said Jenna had counseling, went to Alcoholics Anonymous and is clean now. Michael’s mother confirmed Jonathan’s account.

Deborah painted a vivid picture of her son Thursday.

Michael bought a house a year ago and she helped shop and furnish it. Deborah also said Michael was her support after her husband, Donnie, died a couple of years ago.

She talked to the girl Michael has been dating, who said, “When he gets back, I’m marrying him right away.”

“You know, it’s said God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle,” Deborah said. “Well, He’s pushed the envelope quite a bit. I want my son and Jenna back alive, but if they’re dead, we have to find their bodies. We can’t have closure without their bodies.”

Deborah believes the two were abducted from Michael’s home, she said.

Assault case

Jonathan said he couldn’t comment on any possible involvement Cedric Joseph Marks, 44, — his daughter’s ex-boyfriend — might have in the disappearance of his daughter and Michael.

Marks, a mixed martial arts fighter with ties to Killeen and Copperas Cove, was arrested on a burglary charge late Tuesday and held in a Grand Rapids, Mich., jail. He hasn’t been named a suspect or person of interest by Temple Police in the missing persons case.

He is charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit other felony in connection with a complaint Jenna and her 9-year-old daughter had against him. The offense allegedly happened in August at a Temple home in the 7700 block of Redbrush.

Jenna and Marks previously filed charges against each other, and a temporary protective order was issued in July by a Bell County judge. The later application for a two-year protective order was denied, paperwork obtained by the Telegram indicated.

Jonathan said he appreciates the community’s involvement. Anyone with information about the location of Jenna and Michael is asked to please call the Temple Police Department at 254-298-5500.

“We can’t thank the community enough for their support,” Jonathan said. “Please, keep looking for both of them.”

“We’ll never quit looking,” he said Thursday.

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