A week full of sunshine and summer-like temperatures might end in severe storms with a chance of hail and tornadoes.

“We are expecting strong to severe thunderstorms,” said Monique Sellers, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The storms were expected to start tonight between 10 p.m. and midnight and to last until the afternoon or evening hours of Saturday.

“Along with those storms there is the threat for severe weather,” Sellers said. “There is a chance for hail, strong drifty winds and there is a slight tornado warning for this area as well, that we are keeping an eye on.”

While temperatures will still be in the 60s and 70s, half an inch to an inch of rain is expected throughout Saturday.

With beautiful weather throughout the week and Easter just one weekend away, many outdoor events have been planned for Saturday. However, Sellers suggested to cancel or postpone all outdoor activities for Saturday to be on the safe side.

“Sunday we will be back to sunshine and blue skies and a high at about 71 degrees,” she said. “Leading into next week is when it will be starting to warm up again.”

For people that need to go outside, she suggested to monitor weather updates and be prepared to find shelter quickly.

“Just keep an eye on the weather,” Sellers said. “Have a couple of different ways to get your weather information … to get an idea to see what is going on.”

The National Weather Service provides updates on their website as well as via their social media channels.

According to Sellers, severe weather with thunderstorms, strong winds and a mix of sunshine and clouds is exactly what meteorologists expect for springtime in Central Texas.

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