Two Fort Hood soldiers who went for a hike Monday evening at Chalk Ridge Falls Park ended up staying the night after getting lost, according to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department.

The two soldiers, both women, were hiking at the park along Stillhouse Hollow Lake when it began to get dark and they lost their way, said Bell County Sheriff’s Department spokesman T.J. Cruz.

They called 911 when they got lost.

Deputies searched with dogs for the soldiers.

“They were hiking along the fence line when they took a left instead of a right,” Cruz said. “They were never in distress at any point.”

The soldiers regained cellphone service Tuesday morning, called their friends and were able to get a ride home.

They found their way out of the hiking trail between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., and contacted the sheriff’s department.

Deputies then met up with the duo to make sure they were all right, Cruz said.

Chalk Ridge Falls Park features a 3.1-mile hiking trail. It is by Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

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Two United States Army soldiers got lost in a park because it got dark and they couldn't find their way out? Got to call Bull S*** on that one!
Where did they really go and with whom did they spend the night?
Something sounds awfully fishy about this story. That park is not that big. If in fact they did get "lost" they should be required to undergo some extensive land navigation training...again! Maybe a reduction in rank for bringing discredit upon the U.S. Army would be appropriate!

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