1st Cavalry Division

First Cavalry Division troopers, including a general with the unit, will deploy to Afghanistan next year as part of a regular rotation, the Army announced Thursday.

The local soldiers are from division’s headquarters, and will leave in the winter — sometime in the early part of 2019, officials said.

The Army nor the division specified exactly how many soldiers are leaving, but it will be less than 100, according to Lt. Col. Gabriel Ramirez, public affairs officer for the division, which has more than 18,000 troops.

The deployment will last nine months, Ramirez said.

“The 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters will replace 40th Infantry Division Headquarters, California Army National Guard as part of a regular rotation of forces in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel,” according to the Army release.

“The Troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters are well trained and prepared to return to the OFS mission in Afghanistan. Our professional leaders and Troopers will train, advise, and assist our Afghan Security Force partners as they continue to build upon and enhance their capability to provide for the security of the Afghan people,” Maj. Gen. Paul T. Calvert, 1st Cavalry Division commander, said in the release.

One of the division’s deputy commanders — a one-star position — will also deploy with the troopers, Ramirez said.

Fort Hood’s 504th Military Intelligence Brigade returned home to Fort Hood last month from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan.

Oct. 7 marked the 17th year U.S. forces been in Afghanistan, taking the fight to the Taliban and al-Qaida less than a month after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

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