The National Weather Service forecasts cooler temperatures ahead followed by rainstorms this weekend.

Wednesday was likely the last warm or hot day this week, according to Patricia Sanchez, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

“There is a dry cold front coming in Thursday,” Sanchez said. “We will have highs in the upper 70s and plenty of sunshine.”

By Friday, the temperature will drop to the mid-70s, Sanchez said.

“Friday night into Saturday we’re seeing showers and thunderstorms,” Sanchez said. “There’s a 90% chance of precipitation, and a strong — to even possibly severe chance of hail.”

Sanchez said the timing and exact location of hailstorms will become more refined as the week progresses.

The rain storms should decrease throughout the day Saturday, Sanchez said, and by 6 p.m. heading into Sunday, the weather should be quiet and dry.

The high temperature Thursday is projected to be in the upper 80s, before dropping to a low of 49 degrees, Sanchez said.

Friday the high is expected to be 76 degrees followed by a low of 58 degrees.

Saturday is forecasted to be rainy early on with a high temperature of 69 degrees followed by a low of 46 degrees.

The high temperature on Sunday should remain at 69 degrees with a low of 50 degrees.

Monday the high temperature will rise back to 78 degrees with a low of 58 degrees.

The high is projected to remain at 78 degrees for Tuesday.

“We will keep everyone updated through the weekend but as always, we advise everyone to stay weather aware,” Sanchez said. “If you have outdoor activities planned, have a back up plan to go inside to avoid hail falling. And stay away from windows.”

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