More than 25,000 eggs were airdropped from a helicopter Saturday at Destiny World Outreach Center's fourth annual egg hunt, as more than 2,000 children eagerly watched while waiting to take part in Easter festivities.

“This event is great for not only my kids, but kids across this community, the fact that the church is willing to do something fun for the kids to celebrate Easter is fantastic,” said local resident Rasheda Wilson.

The event was in the open field adjacent to the Destiny World Outreach Center’s sanctuary on W.S. Young Drive in Killeen.

Children were kept a safe distance until the eggs were dropped and the helicopter had left the area.

The event's main purpose was to let children know that there are plenty of positive and fun things to do at church.

“We are having two separate Easter egg hunts, a traditional hunt for kids ages 0 to 5, and a helicopter egg hunt for children ages 6 to 11,” said Danika Thomas, an event organizer. “We want to use this event as a way to connect with our community and invite them to become a part of our church family.”

Baskets were provided to collect eggs, as well as free snow cones after the egg hunt ended. A DJ played gospel music.

“My kids are extremely happy to be here, and to be able to pay and interact with thousands of other kids their age make me happy for them,” Wilson said.

The drop was recorded live on the Herald's Facebook page.

Parents and children at the event were invited to return to Destiny World Outreach Sunday for Easter Sunday church service. Services are at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in English, and 3 p.m. in Spanish.

Destiny World Outreach is at 101 N. W.S. Young Drive Killeen.

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