Potholes like this one on Zephyr Road in Killeen will be analyzed in an upcoming street assessment by Transmap Corporation scheduled for next fiscal year.

A few residents and elected city officials say many Killeen streets need repairs and a vote cast last week by the Killeen City Council may be the start to restoration.

Potholes, pavement markings and street signs will be included in a streets assessment that will be conducted in Killeen next fiscal year.


The common types of pavement distresses include: cracking, distortion, disintegration, skidding hazards and surface treatment distresses.


Both elected officials and residents say a road survey is much needed so the Killeen Public Works Department can fixed city road damage. This damage is on Saddle Drive in Killeen.


 Throughout Killeen, cracks are visible on the local streets.

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City council you've outdone yourselves! Instead of spending $184,000 to an out of state company to come in and say "wow, you're streets need repair"; why don't you use that money to fix the streets!
Are you telling us there is nobody employed by the City of Killeen who's got sense enough to figure out how to fix a pothole? Kinda what it sounds like to me.
Your answer to all the fiscal problems by raising taxes has got to stop. Its time you quit wasting the money you've got and stuff like this is one way to do it.
Screw your study! Fix the friggin roads!

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