Corden Fidler

Four-year-old Corden Fidler continued to fight Wednesday to recover from the damage his body received Dec. 20 when his stepfather reportedly shot him and also shot and killed his mother and grandmother.

Corden was shot five times — once in his head and four times in his abdominal area.

His mother, 36-year-old Shelly Splittgerber (now referred to as Fidler) of Temple, and grandmother, Sherry Gray, 64, of Troy, didn’t survive the barrage of gunshots reportedly fired by Matthew Splittgerber — who then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

It’s been a battle for Corden, Facebook posts from his stepmother, Alexandra Fidler, showed during the past few days.

Cord was still on sedation and on a ventilator Wednesday.

Fidler had to approve surgery Wednesday morning for Corden because of a leak in his bowel. He was out of surgery before 5:30 p.m. and was resting.

New Year’s Eve was a better day for Cord. His bladder seemed to be functioning after his surgery the previous week.

However, Sunday was a harder day because Cord’s intracranial pressure increased when his stomach had trouble moving the food from his nasogastric tube. The extra pressure from being bloated caused the pressure in his brain to go up, the doctors told Fidler.

His intracranial pressure lowered, so the doctors started to wean him off the sedatives and ventilator. When the pressure began to spike again, Cord was placed back on the ventilator and his sedatives were increased.

His family doesn’t know if Cord is aware of what happened or of what is going on around him, Fidler told the Telegram on Wednesday.

“We won’t know until he comes off sedation some,” Fidler said.

Family expresses gratitude

Until Cord is well, she and Mathew Fidler, Cord’s father, are doing “as good as we can,” she said.

What does amaze Cord’s family is the “awesome community of people” they are surrounded by, Fidler said on Facebook. “Strangers that love and support our little family just because of the kindness in their hearts,” she said.

Mathew posted his gratitude Dec. 31 to everyone for praying for Cord and his family.

“All I can say is I will pray for each and every one of you, shake your hand a little tighter and hug you a little longer,” Mathew wrote. “Without a doubt, my Cord wouldn’t be doing as good as he is if it wasn’t for all the prayers and God’s will.”

Everything they’ve gone through has taught them they aren’t alone, Alexandra said.

“You always hear about these tragedies on the news but no one ever hears about the aftermath — and the truth is the aftermath is more newsworthy than the actual tragedy,” she said. “The aftermath shows the goodness in humanity, the ability for the community to be so giving, and how powerful the power of prayer is.”

Fidler is determined to send something to everyone to has donated to the GoFundMe account, brought Cord a gift, visited him or brought them a meal. With that in mind, Fidler has asked for addresses for those individuals.

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