More than 100 Killeen residents showed up to the Killeen Civic and Conference Center on Sunday wearing workout clothing and holding mats for Killeen Does Yoga, an event hosted by Live and Let Liv Yoga Studio. The event was free and available to people of all ages, as this particular yoga class was celebrating the studio’s fifth anniversary.

“We like to do free yoga events a couple of times a year for Killeen,” event organizer and studio owner Lisa Kelly said. “We like to try and give everyone just another type of stress relief, because the world is very stressed right now and Killeen feels even more stressed than your average city.”

The event had 125 area residents participating, and the class was structured so that both beginners and advanced yoga practictioners could take part.

One couple at the event said they had been participating in yoga for seven years, with the four most recent years being in Killeen.

“I started in New York when my friends took me to yoga as a group thing,” Dorothy Shum said. “But now I try to go at least once or twice a week, and he (Carlito Arenas) comes with me when he can.”

Arenas said he likes to do yoga because it offers a good mix of workouts for his routine.

“It is a good mix of cardio activities,” he said.

Shum said she originally started doing yoga just for fun, but added that she recently developed some hip and back pain that the exercise helps alleviate.

“We definitely recommend yoga to anyone who hasn’t tried it,” Shum said.

Live and Let Liv Yoga Studio is located at 2304 W. Stan Schlueter Loop. Residents can also find them online at

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