Whether you’re searching for a bargain or looking to help Killeen schools, Lockaway Storage’s first garage sale fundraiser is the place to be today.

Proceeds from the fundraiser, which started Friday, benefit the Ellison High School Homeless Awareness Response Program Fund and Willow Springs Elementary School, said manager Crystal Keirsey.

“I grew up in Killeen, and attended Willow Springs. When I found out how many homeless kids there are at Ellison, and how poor Willow Springs is, I just had to do something,” Keirsey said.

A two-year employee of Lockaway Storage, Keirsey credited her tenants for informing her about situations facing Ellison and Willow Springs students.

“I have a tenant here who is now raising her four grandchildren who were once homeless,” Keirsey said. “They will be dependent on these special programs offered by KISD. … I think that us getting the word out about these programs could really help gain more funding for the schools and benefit the students who need them.”

Like Keirsey, vendors noted the importance of Lockaway’s fundraiser.

“Lockaway told me about this event and I thought if I could help out with the schools then that is a good deal,” Paul Martinez said. “My daughter just graduated from Ellison a few years ago, and the rest of my kids will be attending Ellison as well. It’s a good school, I want to help out any way I can.”

The garage sale fundraiser is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at Lockaway Storage, 4405 S. Fort Hood St., Killeen. Carter BloodCare will be on hand to take blood donations. Hot dogs will be available and the Ellison High School cheerleaders will do face painting.

Keirsey hopes the fundraiser and blood drive will catch the attention of Killeen residents wanting to serve their community.

“I enjoy supporting small-town businesses that also support their communities,” she said. “Killeen isn’t necessarily a small town, but it’s not a large one either. Events like this speak volumes to longtime residents of Killeen.”

Herald/Erik Papke​

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