LAMPASAS — After postponing their meeting one day to accommodate the county’s Veterans Day celebrations, county commissioners approved a request from Lometa Independent School District to sell a structure near the district’s administrative offices to repurpose the land.

“They wanted to just get rid of it  — to raze or move it,” County Auditor Chris Munn said. “All the taxing jurisdictions have to approve it on the minutes of their meetings and have it taken off the tax rolls to legally transfer the title.”

Munn also presented a quarterly investment report that provided a snapshot of the county’s investments and rates of return.

“It’s really a two-page, split report. The county has investments in two different funds,” Munn said. “One is an empire fund, and the second is money invested in TexPool collected from municipalities and entities. The rate of return is low, but we try to get a little additional interest and pick up a few extra percentage points, here and there, while it’s sitting idle.”

In other business, Lampasas County Elections Administrator Randy McGuire confirmed commissioners will canvass the votes from last week’s election today and told county officials filing for open seats in the March primary election is now open.

“Filing for the March primary was open as of Nov. 9 and will continue to Dec. 9,” McGuire said. “We have a number of county positions open, and candidates will file with the county chairperson.”

McGuire also told commissioners the voter turnout in the Nov. 5 election was the largest since 2009.

“We had really good voter turnout, which was almost 13.4 percent,” he said. “There was a higher percentage of voters this year, and we way eclipsed the numbers from 2011. We did almost five percent better.”

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