COPPERAS COVE — Amy Terry, of Killeen, was busy warping a loom with four colors of thread — brown, coral, sage and eggshell white — at the Copperas Cove Library’s Sewing Day on Saturday.

In five hours, she will have three yards of handmade trim that then will be attached to a sideless surcote, an early 13th century garment that has a long skirt and large armholes.

She makes her own trim because she wants her garment to look authentic.

“During that time period, proper women would not show their ankles. As women made the surcotes longer and the armholes bigger, they would show the women’s figures underneath. Priests called the garments ‘The Gates of Hell’ and banned them through garment laws,” Terry said.

Lea Hildebrand, of Killeen, was busy doing surface embroidery with the hope of eventually making a drawstring bag as a gift.

Her fingers worked quickly as she pulled the pink thread in and out of the material forming a flower with pink petals, green leaves and a yellow center.

The completed project will take her about three months requiring three or four hours of work daily.

“I didn’t get it done in time to give it as a present last year. So, hopefully, I will have it done in time for Christmas this year,” Hildebrand said. “It’s one of my favorite pastimes because I can take it anywhere. It is very relaxing unless it’s giving me a fight, and then we have a problem.”

Stephanie Kohan, of Copperas Cove, was careful to select a project at her skill level and one that was not too time consuming.

She was making two veils and the Singer machine made a “whhhrrrr” sound as she sewed a seam.

“This is the first one I have ever made. I want to cover my skin during the hotter months. I will pin it to my head or attach it with another band to keep it in place,” Kohan said. “I don’t sew regularly, so I am just starting with this.”

Volunteers provided sewing machines, patterns and tools for various projects as part of Cove Sewing Day.

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