Soldier 4thelord cleans a grill on Friday after cooking hotdogs for the soup kitchen he hopes to make a regular Copperas Cove venue for residents in need. This week the kitchen was located at the Five Hills Assembly of God Church on Avenue D.

COPPERAS COVE — A daily soup kitchen finished its first week in the city, but it is still looking for a place to set up shop next week and throughout the year.

“Killeen has all these places that are feeding people but Cove didn’t,” said Soldier 4thelord, formerly known as Kenneth D. Younger.

4thelord, who said he changed his name in 2004 to promote connecting with people and inspiration, spent the week cooking meals in front of the Five Hills Assembly of God’s bimonthly soup kitchen.

“We also do a soup kitchen, but we do it the second and fourth Saturday of the month,” said Elfi Minville, a volunteer with the church.

There is a need for what 4thelord is doing, she said. There are plenty of people in Copperas Cove who need food, but the hard part is getting those people to know about the service.

“If the people that are hungry know about it, then they will come,” said Minville. “(Five Hills kitchen) started out very slow and it is growing each week. There were about 40 people here last time.”

Vision to serve

4thelord, who is retiring from the Army in about six months, said he hopes to keep a kitchen running in Copperas Cove because of the community’s need.

“My ultimate vision is to have a licensed kitchen and then send the trucks out,” said 4thelord.

But first, 4thelord has to have the trucks refurbished and a regular location to put cooks and provide for people.

“I don’t know where I am going to be next week,” he said. “Wouldn’t this picture be a beautiful thing if a church opened their doors and we can have a three-month schedule there?”

4thelord already has a permanent spot in Copperas Cove just a few doors down from the Five Hills Ministry, but renovations to the building to make it a full-time, properly inspected kitchen would be costly, he said.

Temporary location

In the interim and while raising funds, he has to set up elsewhere to continue his mission of feeding people in Copperas Cove.

4thelord has talked to officials at Cove House about using the homeless shelter as an option, but nothing is firm yet, he said.

While he only served about five people a day, 4thelord said he hopes to have a place next week to dole out food and is planning fundraisers to keep the soup kitchen going.

Contact Mason W. Canales at or (254) 501-7474

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