Jaron Cathcart, a Blue Bell Ice Cream delivery-salesman, stands with his girlfriend, Hyeok Pak, in their Killeen home.

Some go to their neighbor’s house for a cup of sugar or milk. I go for the free ice cream.

My neighbor, Jaron Cathcart, 37, is a lifelong Killeenite. He also is a Blue Bell Ice Cream delivery man, which means all the ice cream his friends can eat.

The life of an ice cream man is not as easy as most people think, said Cathcart’s girlfriend, Hyeok Pak. He gets up before dawn every day, comes home late and even runs a part-time window-cleaning business with Pak on the weekends.

Twice a week, Cathcart drives to the regional Blue Bell distributor in Waco (to pick up the ice cream) and every day he commutes to Copperas Cove, where the trucks are parked.

Pak said her boyfriend’s altruism goes well beyond the freezer.

Whenever they see someone in need of a pick-me-up, Cathcart treats them.

“When he sees someone at the (mall) food court, he always gives them what they want,” Pak said. “It’s just what he does.”

As a delivery man, Cathcart gets to drive around Killeen, the city that he loves.

Both Cathcart and Pak attended Killeen High School and have known each other since middle school. They still live near their old haunts.

Cathcart said more than 47 languages are spoken in Killeen and that is something in which the city should take pride.

“I think a lot of people misunderstand Killeen,” Cathcart said.

“You got the whole world in our town living together and respecting one another. You got some towns with just two races that cannot get along.”

Although it might get him in trouble at work, he said offering free gallons of ice cream to neighbors is something he has done over the past three years in the job.

“You want everyone to feel welcome,” Cathcart said. “I think it is important to know your neighbors, to make them feel welcome and to make yourself feel welcome.”

The man’s only fault: He doesn’t like ice cream.

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