Two candidates vying for Killeen mayor recently weighed in on the controversial single-stream recycling proposal.

Scott Cosper, a local businessman, said he supports a citywide recycling program.

“I personally recycle and I have since the city implemented the voluntary recycling system,” he said. “I believe recycling is a good thing for us to do because I know the landfill we are currently using is projected to have approximately 15 years of capacity left for us.”

Dick Young, also a local businessman, said he “salutes” the city’s efforts but thinks the process is “flawed.”

“I don’t think the city has a real good sense of actually what they need in the recycling program,” said Young, a consultant for Centex Metals. “The process would be much better served by getting a rate study to see what would be needed to cover the costs.”

Cosper said he believes the council will choose the option best suited for residents.

“I believe that the city council will research the process adequately and do its due diligence to provide the best possible outcome regarding the future of Killeen, its solid waste as well as the best options for the future of our citizens,” he said.

Young said he thinks the city should have some sort of reward-based system for residents who recycle, rather than raising garbage rates.

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Cosper thinks the council will do what's right for its citizens? Didn't he also think it was a good idea to pay former city manager Green two times what was owed? It's not clear if the council knows what's best, but it is clear Cosper is not a source of good judgment. He still claims (see his mayoral candidate interview on youtube) paying off Green was a good idea.

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