TEMPLE — The Central Counties Center for MHMR services unveiled its preliminary budget for fiscal year 2013 on Tuesday — a budget that anticipates a $190,000 deficit.

According to the numbers released by MHMR — which provides services to the mentally ill and disabled in Bell, Milam, Coryell, Lampasas and Hamilton counties — the center will face a $190,063 deficit. The budget projects expenditures of $15,628,573 and revenues of $15,438,511.

MHMR Executive Director Eldon Tietje said the projected budget reflects increased efficiency.

In 2012 MHMR expenditures totaled $15,684,744 with $15,442,244 in revenues, leaving the center a deficit of $242,500.

Tietje said the shortfall in 2012 was partially a result of projects undertaken to refurbish MHMR facilities which would theoretically save money going forward.

“We had several pretty large projects we had to tackle this year,” Tietje said. “They’ve been tackled pretty well and we’re pretty pleased with the outcome of them.”

“We should have pretty high efficiency (in 2013),” he added.

Board member Dr. Louella Tate said the numbers mean the board needs better coordination in order to maximize efficiency. She said providing value to consumers is more challenging during a slow economy.

“It points to our need to do strategic planning for all projects coming in,” she said.

Tate expressed a need for more integration and coordination for all MHMR projects and initiatives.

“We need to make sure we are not working in a silo,” she said.

MHMR Chief Financial Officer Steve Slaughter said a $370,963 increase in expenditures on professional and consultant services and an improved energy contract were the biggest changes to the 2013 budget.

“There are no drastic changes from last year,” Slaughter told the committee.

The projected budget also notes MHMR will have $202,251 more to use on employee salaries in 2013.

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