Brockley Moore sits on his front porch in southwest Killeen.

When one asks Brockley Moore about his work in the community, it’s easier to ask what organizations he hasn’t volunteered with.

Moore, 46, serves on the board of the Exchange Club of Killeen, the Killeen Housing Authority Board, works with the Killeen Area Alliance of Black School Educators, the nonprofit Communities in Schools, is a member of the

League of United Latin American Citizens and the NAACP, and is a founder of the Parent Teacher Organization at Shoemaker High School.

“I was raised in a vary patriotic, missionary-minded family,” said Moore, who was one of 12 children. “It was embedded in us that you serve your country and your community.”

Moore’s extensive service in the community comes after he spent more than 20 years of service in the Army. Moore retired as a staff sergeant in 2011. During his time in the military, he worked in human resources and was deployed to places like Somalia and Afghanistan. Moore said he applied some of the lessons and values he learned during his military service to his volunteer work.

“You learn the importance of service, taking care of mankind and about making things better for the next generation.”

Post-military, much of Moore’s work in the Killeen community focused on education.

Moore said he got a passion for the issue after meeting Charles Patterson, a former Killeen Independent School District superintendent.

“I met him at Fort Hood when I was a young soldier, and he was very inspiring,” Moore said. “Ever since then, (education) is where I put my energy.”

As Moore continues his own volunteer work, he encouraged those considering doing the same to put their energy into an issue they are truly passionate about.

“Find out what you care about and put your soul into it,” Moore said. “Put truth and life into what you are doing.”

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