MOODY — Hikers can spend a couple of hours enjoying nature at Mother Neff State Park on Wednesday and contribute to improving a bird-watching blind as they walk.

As part of an effort to raise $6,000 to enlarge, enclose and “climate-control” a bird-watching blind, The Mother Neff State Park Association will conduct a guided two-hour hike starting at 10 a.m. at the Rock Tabernacle.

The Wednesday trek has been dubbed “Spring Break at Mother Neff.”

Admission for adults — 13 and older — will be $7; hikers 12 and younger will walk for free.

Park Superintendent Leah Huth, who will lead the hike, said the pace will be leisurely to accommodate families with children and will probably include a visit to the bird blind.

The three-sided blind was built as an Eagle Scout project to afford birdwatchers the chance to observe local and migratory species unseen, Huth said. Renovations will expand the blind, add a fourth wall and equip the structure with heating and air-conditioning.

Most of the improvement budget will be needed to run electricity to power the climate controls.

“The improvements will make the blind more comfortable and usable year-round,” Huth said. “Some of the birders are getting up in years.”

Hours of sitting in the blind with binoculars, cameras and notebooks should pay off, she said, because the park is in the Central Corridor Flyway.

In addition to the many birds that make the park their home year-round, birders can often spot migratory and seasonal resident species.

Each hiker will receive free lemonade and a “survival pack” of snacks, bottled water and other goodies provided by the Mother Neff State Park Association, Walmart of Gatesville, the Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Texas and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

For more information, call Huth at (254) 853-2389.

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