By Rebecca LaFlure

Killeen Daily Herald

Dr. Robert Muller, superintendent of the Killeen Independent School District, said the district's pre-kindergarten program will remain a full-day service for the upcoming school year. How KISD will fund it is uncertain, however.

"We are committed to next year having full-day pre-k," Muller said Monday.

KISD faced the possibility of returning the current full-day pre-kindergarten program to a half-day service due to changes in eligibility requirements for the pre-k expansion grant. The district is a longtime recipient of the grant.

District officials were concerned that KISD would be unable to fund a full-day program for the upcoming school year without additional funding.

While Muller has yet to hear the status of KISD's competitive grant application, he said the district could fund full-day pre-k service out of its own budget for next year. But beyond that, he's unsure about the program's future.

"We submitted a pre-k expansion grant. There is $30 million available for distribution in tier 3. We're in there with all the big districts across the state of Texas, so that $30 million really doesn't go that far. But our chances of funding are centered on that," Muller said at last week's board meeting.

House Bill 130 and Senate Bill 21 are working their way through the Legislature. If passed, the bills would support a full-day pre-k program for every school in the state.

"We'll have to wait and see what happens both with (state Rep.) Diane Patrick's (R-Arlington) bill and the pre-k expansion grant," Muller said Monday.

"After next year, if we didn't get full funding and we didn't get the pre-k expansion grant, we're going to have to sit down and make some tough decisions on how we'll fund a full-day pre-k ? It's very murky at this point."

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