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Bullies: They’re not just in middle school

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Bubba: Using the Senator as a punching bag in this article strips it of credibility, and reduces it to a sniveling, partisan hit piece driven by liberal ideology, an ideology which has brought nothing but wreck and ruin to my country.

Your article is dismissed.

Monday, October 28, 2013, 9:14 am


Eliza: @ Cruz responded: “The Senate is not a schoolyard setting.” He added: “Speaking the truth ... is not bullying.”

And sometimes the truth hurts people, such as Major Washington bully, Harry Reid.

Although I believe Harry Reid doesn't have feelings or cares one way or the other about ,' the people of the country' Its all about him and Power.

Washington hasn't had many truth speakers for a long time.
The people are just now finding out a lot about their reps. in Washington ,that they didn't know or would have believed before.
Those who have been phony's in their supposed beliefs an allegiances.
And those who are the truth speakers and aren't willing to continue to lie to the public.
I think its called has some Honor in their soul .

Monday, October 28, 2013, 6:35 am


WEJohnsn: biased news opinions are not news. where is the journalism. this story is just a hit piece on the people the writer disagrees with. when will the news media get back to reporting the facts instead of presenting their opinions as news then whining about talk radio and FOX news for not doing the same. this is called lazy biased reporting and it lacks journalistic integrity.

Monday, October 28, 2013, 6:01 am