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Social Security raise to be among lowest in years

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Smithjr38: SInce both Democrats and GOP have stolen from the Social Security fund to pay for the Korean and Vietnam,and the recent Middle East wars. Both parties own those of us on Social Security some kind of pay back for using our money for those loans.
And so we need a new party that I hope to form called the Pay Back party.

and the more members we get in congress the better chances of making Social Security more secure and give we non GOP people a larger increase in our pay.
Notice I said non GOP voters only as the GOP opposed S S from the beginning and wanted to impeach FDR for making it a law.

And in the current shutdown and raising the debt limits .Ted Cruz and his evil nut cases want to decrease Social Security even more . ANd the Pay Back Party response is to give the GOP/ tea party its wish. by only paying one dollar at the SS age but to keep paying into the SS fund so we non GOP people can get a raise So only those registered GOP / tea party folks will only get one dollar from the fund and still pay into the SS fund and those GOP / Tea Party folks whom are now getting full benefits will have to pay back all that money to we non GOP/ tea Party ,

And as far as the Democrats go and to get their support in the PAY BACK Party response to the GOP/ tea party . they would not be on the GOP/tea party list to get the PAY BACK we will give to the Ted Cruz nut cases.
And Since the Texas GOP has cursed us with Ted Cruz in addition to registered GOP and tea party will besides paying into and not getting more than a dollar.A ted Crus and Betsy Ross tax that equals to a tax on all registered GOP/ tea party voters of 55% of all income. ( the Betsy Rose tax is for not giving women equal rights under the US Constitution which was written at the time Betsy Rose made the first USA flag but women would and still do not have equal rights until they got the vote and not the Texas GOP still do not recognize have a Constitution right.

However women whom registered as a GOP or tea party would if they quit the GOP and tea party not have to pay the SS tax and the Betsy Rose and Ted Cruz tax.

Monday, October 14, 2013, 12:43 pm