When Jessica Sapp performed in her first church play at age 8, she fell in love with acting.

“Film is my life,” said Sapp, 20, who attended an open casting call Friday at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

Sapp, who waited in line for nearly two hours, was among more than 260 residents who had their photo taken to put in the mix of candidates eligible to be an extra on an NBC show.

“Revolution” is a science-fiction series about a worldwide blackout.

While the first season was filmed in North Carolina, filming for the upcoming season started July 5 in the eastern Bell County town of Bartlett and is expected to last until the end of April.

Information about residents who attended the casting call will go into a database. They could be chosen for a number of television projects and commercials that On Location Casting is working with, said Tina Kerr, extras casting director for the organization.

“We put them all into our computerized database so if a director says, ‘I need a guy who is 5’10” and knows how to shoot a rifle,’ I type (it in) and it pulls up everyone that fits that description,” Kerr said. “Once we get our breakdowns, we’ll put the word out and start calling people to work.”

Although Sapp’s mother, Daretta Wilson, of Killeen, didn’t participate in the casting call, she still went to support her daughter.

“You can ask anything about any movie, it doesn’t matter what genre it is, and she can answer it. She memorizes lines like you wouldn’t believe. She’s very talented. It amazes me,” Wilson said.

“She was accepted to (New York University) and some parents just don’t have the chance to save up that much money. It’s a very expensive school.”

Sapp, a freshman at the University of Texas, wants to start off writing and acting and eventually become a director and producer.

“Even without the pay or the fame that could eventually come later on, to be on the set and to visualize how everything happens and how it works out is the coolest thing,” she said.

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I was enjoying Revolution in its first season until it finally revealed the premise... A magical device that shut down power all over the world and changed the laws of physics so airplane wings no longer caused the planes to glide but simply fell out of the sky. I just couldn't get past that hurdle.

(Not to mention how everyone's so clean, with perfectly shampooed hair and dazzling white teeth after more than a decade of no product.)

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