Sparks may fly at Tuesday’s Harker Heights City Council meeting.

Harker Heights resident Debra A. Jamieson said she is scheduled to speak at the meeting about the disc golf course at Purser Park.

“I want the course gone,” she said.

Jamieson said she is fed up with discs landing in her yard, which borders the 18-hole course. The public began using the recently built course last December, but things soon came to a head as nearby residents began noticing discs landing in their yards.

The close proximity of the course and homes led to disc golfers climbing over fences to retrieve the discs, and homeowners upset about the trespassing.

Tired of threats

“I’m getting tired of being threatened and called bad names,” Jamieson told the Killeen Daily Herald last February. “I know they come in my yard when I’m not home and do what they want and that scares me. This is just crazy.”

The city’s parks and recreation department moved some of the course’s holes, which resemble metal cages, farther from houses, but the problem still exists, Jamieson said last week. While there are not as many discs landing in her yard as there used to be, there is still “about one a week,” she said. “That I know of.”

On Labor Day weekend, Jamieson said she had another encounter with a few disc golfers.

“I had to endure yet again some foul-mouth punks who insulted, threatened and flipped me off over a lost disc on my property,” Jamieson wrote in an email to city officials.

She is asking other neighbors fed up with the issue to join her at Tuesday’s meeting, which begins at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

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I was at the Council Meeting on Tuesday and listened to Ms. Jamieson. She stated she spoke to all her neighbors but only one showed up with her. In my opinion from what I heard her say was that some horrible is going to happen to one of these Disc Golfers one of these days (I took this as a threat to the patrons of the park). She even tried to paint the Disc Golfers as Pedophiles. One individual who is a Disc Golfer came and spoke regarding the individuals he has interacted with during his use of the course and immediately afterwards Ms. Jamieson got back up and started, in my opinion, a personal attack on this individual. If Ms. Jamieson was threatened as she stated in this article to KDH then why didn't she call the police? I am not a patron of the park nor am I a Disc Golfer but a citizen of Harker Heights who was at the meeting reporting what I saw and heard.


Idea of gifting residents with a park right behind their homes without getting their opinions wasn't good idea. Some people may enjoy undeveloped land which offers quiet in lieu of a park. Maybe those that constructed park should consider location of things like disc course in future.

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