Kenneth Schoen, 70, spent his many years of marriage caring for the environment alongside his late wife, Rita. The couple educated the community on ways to be environmentally conscious for more than 30 years, until Rita Schoen died last year.

“On her deathbed, she asked me to keep doing what we were doing because she loved kids and loved educating kids,” Kenneth Schoen said.

In keeping with his wife’s wishes, he developed the Lake Stillhouse Hollow Cleanwater facility on 3½ acres on Slawson Lane.

In honor of his wife’s birthday Thursday, Schoen held a grand opening of the facility, which is home to three nonprofit activities.

“We do all the recycling,” he said. “We also do the environmental teaching for children and we do the feeding of wildlife.”

Schoen said more green spaces are needed for wildlife since the city’s growth squeezes the wildlife population into smaller areas. The Cleanwater property gives sanctuary to wildlife.

Dieter Siegelin, Schoen’s son, said Cleanwater has become home to animals from throughout the community, including deer, cats and birds.

“It’s excellent and beautiful — it’s like the animals know they are safe here,” Siegelin said.

Kakie Shea of the Keep Killeen Beautiful Committee was one of the first to tour the facility. She said the Schoens taught her the importance of the watershed and water conservation.

“I would like to keep learning from Ken as time goes on,” Shea said. “I am very happy with how he uses his time and home and love for the animals, too.”

Schoen also harvests rainwater at the facility.

For information, call (254) 526-3973.

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