HARKER HEIGHTS — A “coming soon” sign advertising a 2,000-square-foot convenience store and “major brand” gas station on Farm-to-Market 2410 at Comanche Gap Road has generated talk around town, but the project is in the very early planning stages, city officials said.

Fred Morris, Heights planning and development director, said he talked to engineers about the project but no building permits have been issued.

“They are at a very preliminary stage right now; they are trying to determine the most advantageous site layout for the structures and access.”

Engineers also have to discuss the proposal with the Texas Department of Transportation, since FM 2410 is maintained and controlled by the state, Morris said.

“They will need to investigate how much water they will use based on their project and potential sewer and storm water issues, so they are at the very early stages.”

Mohammad Lasir, property owner, said he is ready to lease the station although it hasn’t been built yet. He is excited about the benefits the gas station will bring to nearby residents.

“I would think because the Harker Heights population is growing on that side and we have a lot of residents across the streets that if we put a gas station it will support the convenience of the community,” he said. “If they need little stuff like milk or bread then they can come across the street to get their stuff.”

A timeline for the project will be set when permits and financing are approved, Lasir said.

“Once the city approves the plan, then we can go for financing to start the project.”

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