NOLANVILLE — There was a tinge of apprehension mixed with high expectation Saturday morning among the members of the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation board as they readied themselves to launch their first citywide event — the Texas Trash Off.

Instructions were given and the 20 local residents who showed up to help the EDC in this effort hit the streets to keep them litter free.

The group included business owners, runners, teachers, soldiers, firemen and among them the first person to sign up for the event, longtime resident Virginia Wittkop.

“When I heard about it I thought that was a good idea and I’d participate,” she said. “It’s my city. Why not?”

There was more to the event than just picking up trash.

The cleanup served as a “meet and greet” for the members of the EDC to pick up trash in conjunction with the Keep Texas Beautiful campaign and the Great American Cleanup and Texas Trash Off, which runs through May, and recruit people to become EDC members.

“We need seven people on our board to operate officially,” said Colleen Smith, EDC president. “We have six now and we might find that additional person today.”

Other EDC members are Kara Escajeda, vice president; Jessica Beeman, treasurer; Paul Habhab, secretary; and Nada Brackmann and Yvonne Frate.

“I’m glad this is being done because there is so much emphasis on the bigger cities,” Gary Cheatwood said. “We love living here and need to take care of our community.”

Just over an hour into the cleanup effort, the groups collected six trash bags of trash.

In Copperas Cove, residents dropped off brush, appliances, recycling, used oil and antifreeze for free at the Solid Waste Operational Center on Saturday as a part of Cove’s citywide cleanup.

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