NOLANVILLE — Housekeeping regarding a Texas Community Development Block Grant took up more than half the agenda at Thursday’s council meeting.

Eight action items involved awarding contracts, adopting resolutions and appointing officers so the city could continue sewer work funded by a grant received from the Texas Department of Agriculture Community Development Block Grant Program in 2010.

Vicki Spiess, a consultant with Kerbow & Associates Consulting Inc., led the discussion.

The council voted to award an administrative and engineering contract for the 2012 program. Plans for the work were completed in 2010 and proposals were sent to five engineering firms for bids, the winning bid being around $20,000, Spiess said.

Project Engineer Trae Sutton, with Kasberg, Patrick & Associates LP, told the council that work could begin in mid-March or April, with estimated completion reached around September.

“The water system can be upgraded,” Sutton said. “All those sewage lines, I think, were put in the ’50s.”

Plans for the project would move main lines to the road, instead of through private properties.

“This project is one of the most eligible projects in the area,” Sutton said. “The issue with sewer is you can be fined for sewer. Blockages could back up into people’s homes.”

Resolutions authorizing signatures from the mayor, treasurer, city manager and city secretary, as well as a resolution promoting fair housing, also were approved by the council.

The council also appointed City Manager Stephen Pearl as the fair housing/equal opportunity Section 504 standards officer, the responsibilities of which are simply to direct fair housing complaints to the Housing and Urban Development office.

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