NOLANVILLE — City Council members Monday unanimously approved the rezoning of 11 acres along 10th Street in Nolanville to make way for the possible development of a new city park, apartment buildings and retail space.

If built, the apartments will be the first in Nolanville and feature a swimming pool and community center.

“This is a pretty good size project for the city of Nolanville,” City Manager Stephen Pearl said. “This is a need for the city.”

Some concerned residents expressed light criticisms of the project at a public hearing held before the vote, specifically about drainage issues.

“We’ve received some concerns from people,” Pearl said. “But we are in contact with the building engineers and all of these issues will be addressed before the plans go through.”

The proposed project will provide government housing for median income families. Construction is tentatively set to begin in January.

Pearl said he is confident the project will ultimately be approved by the council.

“I wouldn’t say 100 percent, but I am 99 percent sure that it will go into effect,” he said. “We are in contact with the engineers to get all of the details set up.”

Pearl views the council’s vote of approval as a positive sign for the city.

“This is something we currently don’t have, and we always want to be able to provide parks and additional recreation areas for the city,” he said. “I think this is a good project to take on.”

The City Council will discuss the project again at the next council meeting Sept. 5

Herald/Erik Papke​

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