NOLANVILLE — Residents of Wildwood Estates spoke and the City Council listened Thursday night.

The council unanimously voted to deny a developer’s request to rezone a 29-acre tract of land to build duplexes next to the Wildwood Estates subdivision after more than a dozen people expressed their opposition to the rezoning at a public hearing.

Chad Beaver, who lives on Black Walnut Court, said duplexes do not draw people who are invested in their homes or the community, which eventually leads to lower property values. He invested $65,000 in a backyard swimming pool, which he said is evidence that he plans to stay in Nolanville.

“People in duplexes are not homeowners, they’re not invested in it so they’re not going to take care of it like we do,” Beaver said.

John Campbell, also a Black Walnut Court resident, said Jim Wright, one of the developers,

showed him a photo of the kinds of duplexes he and his partner, Michael Lackmeyer, wanted to build in Nolanville. Campbell was not impressed with the photo, saying they look like the cookie-cutter duplexes in Killeen. “Mr. Wright tried to convince me, but I am not convinced,” he said.

Wright defended the duplexes, saying they are not like other two-family homes in Nolanville.

“Most of the duplexes right now are being built with three bedrooms, two baths, with two-car garages on each side, and they’re selling for between $150,000 and $170,000 each.”

Several residents said when they bought their houses, they were promised the vacant land around Wildwood Estates would be developed with additional single-family homes and a park. Dan Stansberry showed the council a survey drawing of the property he said was given to him by a Realtor when he bought his house five years ago. The drawing showed three phases of development and a park.

Wright denied making the promises, saying Realtors gave potential home buyers that information on their own.

The planning and zoning commission recommended denial of the rezoning Nov. 15.

Before the vote, Seat 4 Councilman Duane Hampton agreed that bringing in duplexes would attract people who are not invested in the city and cause more problems.

“We’ve heard from the community and what they want. ... My opinion is that we don’t change the zoning,” he said.

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

"Wright denied making the promises, saying Realtors gave potential home buyers that information on their own."
If in deed this is common practice for local realtors to give out misleading information for the sale of property in this area, then it needs to be brought to the attention of TREC...Texas Real Estate Commission in Austin. This is unethical and not acceptable. Realtors need to be held accountable for their actions. Let us not forget the developers too. Greed is taking over in this country and the citizens should do what is necessary to try and stop it. Always remember the phrase..."Buyer Beware.'
Get everything in writing that anything a realtor/builder/developer tells you...protect yourselves.

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