HARKER HEIGHTS — A Nolanville family has asked the city to provide water and sewer service to 230 acres it wants to sell to housing developers, the City Council learned at a workshop Tuesday.

Although the property, owned by the Sutton family, is located in Nolanville city limits, the city of Harker Heights holds the CCN — certificate of convenience and necessity — for that area.

A CCN is issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and authorizes and requires utility systems like Harker Heights to provide continuous and adequate service to every customer who requests service in that area, according to the TCEQ website.

“Ultimately, if we could get (the property) in the city of Harker Heights, we would be happier,” said Randy Sutton, speaking on behalf of his family. “But I know that’s not going to happen, Nolanville’s not going to work with us on that.”

The city obtained the CCN for the property when it was considering expanding its jurisdiction to the east and included areas, like the Sutton acreage, that it thought it could service, City Manager Steve Carpenter said. So, the city can legally provide that service and, according to policy, can charge those customers double the standard rates.

“Of course, that’s a huge increase because you’d have houses out there getting $500 a month water bills occasionally,” he said

Carpenter recommended that they obtain a dual certification with Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No.3, which services Nolanville. That option would allow WCID-3 to provide the service — and shoulder the financial burden of the project — rather than Harker Heights.

Sutton asked the council for a letter he can give to housing developers that states the city’s intent to get the dual certification or to provide the service without increased rates.

“So we can market that and we can tell the people we can provide them water and sewer at fair rates, not at double rates,” Sutton said.

A decision on the request will be made at a future council meeting, Mayor Mike Aycock said.

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