By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

The Nolanville mayor resigned Monday afternoon after holding the position for 5 months.

Mayor James Cox cited Monday night he had multiple reasons for leaving his position; the first involving medical reasons.

"They are kind of minor," Cox said. "I have a doctor at Scott & White looking into them, but that is not the only reason," Cox said.

The second reason is misconduct of the City Council of which Cox doesn't want to be a part, he said.

"In my opinion, the citizens need to ask for their (the City Council's) resignation due to official misconduct and by not having the best interest of the city of Nolanville with them when they make decision as council members," Cox said. "In my opinion, if Ms. (Emma) McCullough (mayor pro-tem) can't get her way about things, she tries to put the city in jeopardy in ways of getting litigations brought against the city or other city officials, I will not be part of this and that is other reason I resigned as mayor."

Cox accused McCullough of getting city employees to file complaints against the city because they are not under contract like the one that binds the police chief Lester Holsey, Jr. and they are minorities. Holsey resigned his contract two weeks ago.

Most of Cox's time as mayor has been spent struggling with council decisions about the Nolanville Police Department and its police chief.

One of the first acts of business taken by the City Council with Cox in the lead chair was the attempted dismissal of three police officers, an action left over from Carolyn Sterling's reign as mayor.

At the time of the original discussion concerning the removal of the police officers, the City Council mentioned Nolanville's population at about 4,000 people.

Months later, under Cox, the City Council passed a resolution to claim that the city's population was more than 6,000.

Throughout those months, the police-related item has been on most of the City Council's agendas.

"It is just an every-agenda thing for two of these council members," Cox said.

Cox feels like a lot of the City Council's time has been wasted on these items, which should have been determined quickly, he said.

Also during Cox's time as mayor, members of the City Council have criticized his performance.

The criticism even surpassed mere verbal comments as the City Council approved a resolution in August that stated the mayor be held responsible for his actions at all times as well as a job description of the mayor's daily duties.

The duties outlined by the City Council include several items. Three of which are as follows:

The mayor acts as the coordinator between department heads;

The mayor is to work closely with the mayor pro-tem on items for the City Council meetings and agenda including proclamations, ordinances and resolutions;

The mayor signs and the council approves documents.

The Council will either be led my McCullough or the Council will appoint a new mayor, Cox said.

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