NOLANVILLE — About half of the residents who live in the Plaza Mobile Home Park will have an updated water and wastewater system by fall.

The Nolanville City Council on Thursday awarded a $295,433 Texas Community Block Grant construction contract to Bruce Flanigan Construction Inc. on behalf of Bell County Water Control District No. 3.

“It’s a grant that comes through the city and filters through to the WCID No.3,” said Stephen Pearl, city manager. “It’s a combined effort to fix sewer needs in the city limits and get a grant to fix it.”

Kasper, Patrick and Associates, an engineering firm, developed the project design. Engineer Trey Sutton said the block grant is awarded to communities throughout the state for water and wastewater improvements.

“The beneficiaries are municipalities,” he said. “In the city of Nolanville, you have the water district that owns all the water and waste water, and the city, which is two different entities.”

Sutton said the city applied for the grant on behalf of WCID No. 3. “The city acts as the agent that receives the funds.”

Sutton said the project will upgrade sewer and water lines for three streets in the Plaza Mobile Home Park.

“We’ve done the first two streets and in this next one we will do another three streets,” he said. “The Plaza has got some deteriorating wastewater lines that has some blockages and backups, so we designed portions to replace those sewer lines.”

The upgrades will cost about $125,000 per street to repair. The water district will put up $40,000 to help with expenses.

Mayor Christina Rosenthal said the upgrades are long overdue.

“We have been working on it for a long time,” she said. “We definitely need to get the roads fixed, and the piping in that area is very old and has been there for about 70 years. So in order to develop that area and to get it looking good and get people to be happy to be living there, we (have) got to fix it and get that infrastructure in place.”

Sutton said the project will take about four months to complete.

“They will have better sewage service,” he said. “But the other half of the streets (in the Plaza) will be done in future phases as future grants are awarded.”

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