NOLANVILLE — A developer has asked the city to create a planned development district for a possible residential housing project designed for young families.

The Nolanville City Council on Thursday instructed City Manager Stephen Pearl to move forward with creating the district, which will be included in a future zoning ordinance amendment.

Pearl said the PDD is a new zoning category that gives developers more flexibility with land projects.

“Instead of following the rigorous standard zoning that is in the ordinance, it allows them to discuss (options) to get a win-win situation for both the developer and the council and city.”

The PDD will promote and encourage innovative development that is sensitive to surrounding land uses and the natural environment, making it an appealing place to live and work. The district will have recreation areas and be developed in a way that preserves trees. An efficient use of land will result in smaller networks of utilities and streets and lower development costs, according to the city.

A PDD location in Nolanville has not yet been designated, Pearl said.

Mayor Christina Rosenthal was excited about the idea, saying the PDD will make way for housing in different price ranges that will appeal to growing families who want to set down roots.

“They won’t all be these cookie-cutter houses and will all be a different design,” she said. “(People) will end up staying in our area and in Nolanville instead of moving out.”

Pearl said the PDD development process could take from three months to one year to complete.

“It’s been something that has been talked about lightly and thought about,” he said. “Now that Nolanville is growing and is going to continue to grow we want to make sure that we have these options available to work with every kind of development as best we can.”

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