LAMPASAS — A dispute among landowners on County Road 2268 set off a volley of heated discussions Monday during the county commissioners meeting.

Ray Smith asked the court to grant his request to place bump gates at each end of the roadway where cattle guards flank his property, but several of his neighbors opposed the gates.

Others complained that the road is in terrible condition, with overgrown foliage leaving limited access for farm vehicles to drive around the existing cattle guards.

“I suggest you get that road graded first,” one landowner said. “Two hummingbirds can barely pass each other on it, and I travel that road quite a bit. I’m not in favor of this — I don’t want my car torn up.”

The county doesn’t own the road, but it does have the right to maintain it, Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cox said, adding that in the past, the county delivered road base to improve the road’s surface but later discovered Smith had removed the material.

Commissioners decided there will be no gates or other obstructions placed on the roadway, but gates will be installed next to cattle guards. They promised Smith that they won’t take any more land than what’s necessary.

“We’re making a real effort to make this work for everybody,” Cox said. “We need to put in some better ways to travel for the agricultural traffic that uses that road.”

In other business, commissioners voted to extend a 90-day countywide burn ban with temporary exemptions allowed at the discretion of County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse.

The ban remains in effect until July 21. However, Boultinghouse temporarily lifted the ban, effective immediately through May 13.

Commissioners awarded a bid of about $37,800 to the Texas Association of Counties to provide workers compensation insurance.

They also awarded:

A duel bid to Austin Aggregates and Lampasas-based L.A. Porter for the supply of non-specific flex road base to be used for county road improvements.

A bid from Texas Fleet Fuels to supply gas and diesel fuels at a wholesale price of $2.91 per gallon plus 10 cents per gallon for the company’s profit.

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