A Wednesday evening Facebook post by Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin caused dissension Thursday among community leaders questioning what role social media should play in city politics.

The Killeen Personnel Hearing Board met Wednesday to hear nearly six hours of testimony from five witnesses regarding the December termination of finance director Barbara Gonzales.

Corbin’s Facebook post called the hearing an “embarrassment,” and said it “seemed some of the board members were biased.”

“Unfortunately, members of the board were not able to understand the facts and basically asked argumentative questions and

generally wasted the time of everyone,” Corbin’s Facebook post said.

Board members must determine whether Gonzales was treated unfairly when she was fired by Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison on Dec. 12 after a two-month investigation of the city’s fleet services division. Gonzales supervised the fleet services director, who resigned in December.

By Thursday morning, followers of Corbin’s Facebook page were posting comments defending the board members.

Among them was former Mayor Raúl Villaronga, who wrote, “I commend (the hearing board) for their patience and persistence.”

Personnel board member Rosa Hereford said she was disappointed when a friend called to read her the mayor’s comments, mostly because she feared it would interfere with the board’s decision.

“He had the right to make comments but I think he was premature; he interjected himself into the process,” Hereford said. “If we had already ruled, then he could have commented all he wants.”

Hereford, who was the first woman to be elected to the Killeen City Council, said she did not have a Facebook page.

“With social media, things can be misconstrued,” Hereford said.

Corbin defended himself Thursday, saying Facebook is a good tool for communicating with his constituents.

“I think there are many citizens who are interested in knowing what their elected officials think and why they think what they do,” Corbin said. “That’s a good thing.”

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@lolkilleen: Let's not forget the pedicures & chiropractor visits. Nit noid details that serve no purpose but are good for laughs.

el residente

Reminds me of that quote from Mark Twain:

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."


Please dont call our mayor out on his facebook posting. I get quit the laugh out of his almost OCD-Like posting about his day-to-day activities. It's important to know our mayor enjoyed an iced tea at 4:23pm while reading a book..or at 2:15 he took a nap.


Tip for mayor since a technology nerd (pun intended) didn't do the job: Use Evernote, or Google Docs to write what you want to say. Wait 24 hours, then come back & re-read it. If you don't sound like a fool then share via Facebook. Otherwise delete it so you don’t make an idiot of yourself on social media.


Yep - I agree, the mayor should keep his trap shut while investigation is ongoing. He's showing bias and partiality. Though, Killeen should count its blessing. Corbin is Minnie Mouse compared to Belton's fired-banker, real-estate Mayor Jim Covington.


So, the board members, who were hand-selected by Glenn (the individual whose actions are being judged), showed the fortitude to still ask questions to understand the issues on which they're supposed to base their i recommendation (can't say "decision," since Glenn gets to make the final decision about himself). How unthinkable.

And Corbin is the attoney who represented Glenn's former girlfriend (who was in Glenn's line of command) when she filed suit against the city after he fired her - getting her over $30,000 of the taxpayer's money (not to mention other benefits of the settlement).

I'm sorry, now who's the embarrassment? I'm so confused...

* While I commend Dan's grandchildren on showing him how to use the Internet, I'm afraid I'm going to still have to hold them responsible for not teaching him to use it wisely and keep his mouth shut to avoid showing his biased and "embarrassing" opinions.

Maybe that will be next month's lesson...

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