The Hill Country Transit District HOP facility is located at 4515 West U.S. Highway 190 in Belton.

BELTON — The Hill Country Transit District cut the ribbon on the front door of its 30,000-square-foot operations facility in Belton Friday during an open house for board members.

Robert Ator, director of urban operations, said he did not know the cost of the facility, which will house many of the district’s HOP buses, but more information will be released during a media tour in March.

The new facility, located west of Belton on U.S. Highway 190, is an upgrade from its 7,000-square-foot facility in Killeen.

“It’s a great change,” Ator said. “It’s a building that we designed just to meet our needs.”

Relocation of equipment and vehicles will continue next week, Ator said.

The new facility will greatly expand the regional transportation provider’s storage, training and other operations capabilities.

“We’ve been working on this project for the past three years and we are glad to start operations next week,” Ator said.

Hill Country Transit District operates 14 fixed routes, and one express route between the cities of Copperas Cove to Temple, Belton, Killeen and Harker Heights.

The regional mass transportation provider also operates rural and para-transit services.

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[beam] I am so thankful for the HOP, and look forward to expanded routes in the county.


I am so thankful for the HOP, and look forward to expanded routes throughout the county.


Will they put a bus stop in front of the new facility so riders can get there to get passes, tokens, and paperwork? There currently is no stop by either the Killeen nor Temple offices. One must walk or get a ride to do this. Belton is a much further walk from Copperas Cove than the current Killeen office.
How much more will cost each city in fuel to get their buses from the new location to their routes? Will there be a Q or Queue bus in Killeen and Temple just in case a bus breaks down? It seems like it would take much longer to do a change out from Belton to Cove instead of Killeen to Cove. Will the extra time time that it takes to get the buses to the new yard increase the Hop's salary expense? How much of that is passed onto each city? What will this cost compared to any savings? How much was rent at the old location vs the new?

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