Killeen City Councilman Jonathan Okray requested a review of Tuesday’s council meeting, claiming Mayor Dan Corbin violated the rules of legislative deliberation.

The “public reprimand” — as Okray calls his email to Killeen City Manager Glenn Morrison and city legal staff — comes as Corbin prepares to give his state of the city address at 5 p.m. today at City Hall.

“A review of (Tuesday’s) meeting is in order (video/audio),” Okray’s email said.

“I believe Mayor Corbin violated rules of procedure, rules of decorum, provided inaccuracies in regards to Robert’s Rules of Order.”

Corbin declined to comment on the issue Wednesday.

Emotions ran high throughout the more than one-hour discussion leading up to the council’s 4-3 vote Tuesday to approve a new development, which will allow local developer Bruce Whitis to build Bell County Municipal District No. 2 just outside the city limits.

The project divided the council more than any other issue this year.

With its approval, MUD-2 will create a new taxing entity in Bell County, within which Whitis plans to build 3,750 homes in the mostly undeveloped outskirts of the city.

Okray’s last-minute attempt to amend the agreement was altered by confusion over page numbers and points of order from Corbin, who is responsible for conducting the meetings.

Corbin does not vote at meetings.

“I believe he provided inaccuracies in regards to Robert’s Rule of Order,” Okray said.

“I had the floor. My motion was not to the contract, but to the ordinance, which is law.”

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Tonight while watching the mayor give his state of the city report.
At least 4 times toward the end, he talked of 'when water becomes scarce' . He was talking about the people of Killeen and the water they will need for future use.
Immediately after the end of the program, On the city's web site, There was an advertisement from the city which talked of conserving water and drought situations.

But yet days before,4 members of the city council voted to approve a housing project that will hold between 3500-4500 houses (number verified by the mayor at his state of city meeting tonight).
With an average of 4 people to a home ,(if they are ever sold) that means an additional 14,000 - 18,000 people would be needing a water supply.
Where's all of it going to come from if as the mayor already warns , 'when water becomes scarce'?

14,000-18,000 people using housing right outside Killeen's city limits will require a lot of water plus a lot of services,

When its looked at from the point of view of number of people and what's good for the citizens of Killeen,
Towns like Kempner, has a pop. of approx. 1,600 Lampasas has approx. 6,000,Cameron and Rockdale, Texas has an average of approx. 6,000. But the city of Killeen's citizens are being ask to take some responsibility for what is to have approximately a 14,000-18,000 population.

What does the towns mentioned above have, that is different from what the projected houses outside the city limits isn't going to have, they all have law enforcement depts. But Killeen is suppose to furnish the majority of these service for 14,000-18,000 people (if the homes are sold).and If the Sheriffs office isn't available.

The Sheriffs office haven't publically agreed to take on 14,000-18,000 new citizens as the council members did. Plus they have the whole county to over see.


There are so many different factors at play in these types of issues when there should only be one.....that which is in the BEST interest of the City. We, the City, have now agreed to provide water and sewer to this monstrosity and using the fact that Mr Whitis will pay for the infrastructure as justification. Kempner water supply supposedly could've provided water......we should've let them do so. In turn we supposedly got some control over building standards? How big are these lots going to be? How far apart will they be spaced? I know everyone is tired of hearing about this MUD but does that mean we should just settle? One day we WILL end up annexing this mess. Is it so hard to stand up and do what you were elected to do? Represent the people of your district and/or city! And if you can't hear what they want go to them. Place a call for public input, hold specific forums, something! Dont just take it upon yourself when in reality you are just as clueless. Do not be afraid to ask questions, even if this may make you feel less intelligent. At least you will know you honestly attempted to familiarize yourself as much as possible before voting as those next to you or those who may be in your ear. Killeen, the City Without Limits! That is exactly right.....there are no limits as to what kind of BS we will allow you to build here. We can do a lot better. Mr. Corbin, good luck with your funded campaign for State Representative.


Yep, the mayor was 'sensitized' to what was taking place at that moment. I personally believe he thought he had his 'Ducks in a row' when Mr. Okray called him on it. I believe he thought 'With all the secret meetings, - - -. Of course the mayor declined to comment.

As to 'emotions ran high during the city council meeting last Tuesday, July 30, 2013', what emotions? I believe that's newspaper talk, not realism. The four members of the city council, Jared Foster, Wayne Gilmore, Jose Seguarra, and Ms. Blackstone sat there mute. The only emotion that was exhibited was by the mayor himself. Ms. Blackstone blurted out twice about things that had already been discussed.

Yes I would like to 'see and hear' what the mayor has to say on this subject. Put it on audio/video please. Maybe if people get an inkling about how this city is being managed or - - -, they will take a closer look at what is being done.


Yes by now we all know mayor doesn't cast a vote. However this developer's family has contributed to the mayor's campaign in the past. It's not surprising that Killeen voted in yet another candidate for mayor that is nonsensical. With sequestration & job cuts/furloughs the city should be looking at ways to create real jobs. Instead they focus on construction jobs yet again & building homes for troops in the name of giving soldiers an opportunity for affordable housing. So many homes are up for sale already & these new homes that are slapped together overnight aren't exactly screaming quality! It's tragic that as Killeen expands to the south, this current council can't bind together to make a better city. One that isn't full of home upon home that just sits there for months & even years on end because it can't be sold. It's about time someone stood up to the mayor. It's not a court room for goodness sake. Behaviors such as strong arming & swaying discussions have no business in Killeen's future.

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