Dates are nearing for residents to stroll through Copperas Cove’s Rabbit Fest and Lampasas’ Bloomin’ Fest, but the organizations running the events are still soliciting vendors.

“It is a great way to market themselves, and I don’t think it is very expensive,” said Betty Price, Copperas Cove Chamber of Commerce president, who oversees operations of Rabbit Fest.

At the Cove festival, art and craft vendors will pay $125 for a 10-by-10 foot space to join the four days of activities starting May 16. Promotional and food vendors pay a higher fee.

Bloomin’ Fest will cost arts and crafts merchants $40 without electricity and $45 with electricity for the same size space at the April 6 event. Food vendors pay double the cost.

Representatives from the Cove and the Lampasas County chambers of commerce said both festivals draw large crowds — one of the main benefits of the merchants’ participation.

“Traffic-wise we have about 3,000 to 5,000 that walk through,” said Alicia Menard, of the Lampasas Chamber about Bloomin’ Fest.

According to information from the Cove Chamber, more than 20,000 people attend Rabbit Fest each year.

Price said Rabbit Fest is a great place for new vendors to see how their crafts sell, but it also allows for current store owners to do some marketing and meet potential clientele. The festival generally features local and statewide traveling vendors who operate on a circuit.

Bloomin’ Fest, while traditionally offering a variety of plant vendors, accepts all sorts of merchants, Menard said. “We would like to have as many plant vendors as possible but also as many arts and crafts vendors as possible.”

Both events are “well established” in their communities, Price and Menard said. Rabbit Fest has operated for more than 30 years, and Bloomin’ Fest has brought people to downtown Lampasas for more than 15 years.

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Lampasas has given more attention to "Art in the Park" and very little to
their other activities, so don't expect venders to keep coming back.
They will have a city wide garage sale next month and it is scheduled for
the same day as their "Art in the Park"...and again they'll be looking for venders
to set up downtown, since the city's focus is on the "Art in the Park" in another location. Forget the local stores. Lampasas is ruining what they had going.

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