By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

Outgoing Killeen City Councilman Dick Young said today that allegations in an anonymous letter circulated around town are false.

A letter sent the first week of May accused Young of illegal activity and accused a law enforcement officer of not arresting Young.

“I was shocked,” Young said about first hearing about the letter.

The letter accuses Young of being caught by “a law enforcement officer” having sex with a minor and was not arrested because of the “good ole boy” policy. The letter the Killeen Daily Herald received was postmarked May 5. On May 8, the Killeen City Council passed an ordinance, authored by Young, to make it tougher for registered child sex offenders to live in the city.

Young said he has only theories about the motivation behind the letter, but believes it could be connected to the ordinance he championed.

“They wanted me to see what it was like to be labeled unjustly,” Young said.

Young also believes the letter was politically motivated. He has served four terms on the Killeen City Council and is term limited.

“If these events were believed to have happened, why now? Why is it brought out now, two weeks before I’m ready to leave office?”

Young said many residents have asked if he’ll run for mayor next year.

“I believe there are people in the community ... who are afraid to see me run for mayor,” Young said.

Young said that people are afraid they won’t be able to control him.

“I have no special interests, I’m not a member of any group of people who has an agenda, and when you don’t have agendas, you’re much harder to control by people who do have agendas,” he said.

Young said he believes by tying the allegations to the sexual-offender ordinance, it would not seem as politically motivated. Young said he will make an announcement at tonight’s meeting about a possible bid for mayor next year.

“I’m looking at the possibilities, and as I’m going to make in my statement tonight, I’m going to seek guidance and counsel from my friends and my family before I make that announcement,” Young said.

He noted that at a press conference at 1:30 p.m. today, he hopes to shed some light on the issue from his perspective.

“If I don’t answer the accusations, I appear guilty,” Young said.

He noted that an anonymous allegation is hard to confront.

“This smear campaign, and I think it’s a cowardly smear campaign, is kind of like having a fight in a dark room. You don’t know where to swing,” Young said.

Young said he has hired a private investigator and asked Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin to check the allegations. Young said he has been gathering evidence from the envelope labels, unopened letters and security tapes from local post offices among other things to find the letter writer.

Young said he has gone from anger to feeling sorry for the letter writer.

“I’m going to pray for them,” Young said. “I think it is sad.”

Young also noted that he’s not perfect, but nobody is.

“I’m not an angel, I’m not a saint, I have made mistakes in my past and I have sought forgiveness from my family and from my God, and I feel like in the end that’s what matters,” Young said.

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