Trash cans are seen Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013, on Malakoff Street in Killeen.

Killeen residents could find an extra $6 charge to their utility bills if trash cans are placed curbside without the lid being completely closed.

According to the city’s garbage ordinance, bags are required to be secure and placed in city-approved receptacles with the lid completely shut.

Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman, said she wouldn’t characterize residents’ not abiding by the ordinance as frequent, but “it definitely occurs.”

“(It’s) something that we want residents to be aware of so that they can take steps to avoid additional fees,” she said. “It is important that the lid close completely to prevent litter, reduce odor, prevent damage to the can and to keep water and animals out.”

Lids not being shut also disrupts the garbage collection process, causing the driver to unload and reload residents’ garbage cans.

“The city has an automated collection system whereby the driver stays in the collection truck while a mechanical arm lifts and empties the trash can,” Shine said. “If a can is overloaded, the driver must leave the truck, take the trash out of the can until the lid will close, empty the can, then reload the can before emptying it again.”

The $6 fee is a “reloading fee,” according to the city. There is a maximum of two reloads per can, per collection day, and a maximum reloading fee of $12.

After two reloads, if trash remains curbside, a $20 bulk trash collection fee is assessed.

Residents with excess trash have a number of options to avoid being assessed fees, including paying for a larger can.

“The city has a pay-as-you-throw system that offers three can sizes,” Shine said. “Those with less trash can have a smaller can and pay less per month, while those with more trash have a larger can and pay more.”

Residents also have the option of curbside recycling pickup for $2.48 per month or they can make drop-offs at the Killeen Recycle Center, 111 E. Avenue F, for no charge. Residents also can be assigned and pay for an additional trash can.

Residents also can drop off up to 300 pounds of trash a month at the Transfer Station, 12200 State Highway 195, for no charge.

Shine said the city requires trash be bagged before being placed in cans.

Cans must be placed at curbside no later than 7 a.m. on collection day and removed no later than 9 p.m. the same day.

Contact Natalie Stewart at or 254-501-7555

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It would seem anyone with the name Hillary has trouble telling the truth. it does not matter if the lid is closed the driver dumps it either way[beam]


Speaking of Water Bill, waste water and trying to make up for moneys lost in the former city manager removal fees... I know I get my water bill every month, as we all do. The fees are going up, no doubt.
In early fall, we happened to get a huge ant hill near the water meter, and happened to lift the heavy lid to make sure no ants were in there... to our dismay, we saw that the last time anyone must have looked at the meter was before the last drought, since a thick layer of mud had crusted over the meter glass and it was impossible to read the meter.
I wonder how much we will get reimbursed when they actually read that meter, and realize that their fictitious number estimates were way too high...or how much they will say we were not charged enough...
Citizens, go out, and lift that meter cover and see if anyone could have possibly read your meter and compare the numbers with your meter.


I fail to understand the rationale behind this....Trash is picked up one a week....we pay for waste wate on the water bill which is usually more than the water used....and a variety of other factors. It is plain to see that this is designed to make up the "payoff" of the person who received money to step down!


I have noticed a lot of the KPD exceeding the speed limit, changing lanes without signals and a varity of other driving situations which would othrwise be ticketed to the reident! Seems there is a double standard. A lot of the officers even have a "mighter than you" attitude! Serving the people is not what it use to be if this is an example of authority and protection!


record the time, date, place and plate number of the vehicle and submit a report to the city government.


sir nose I wholeheartedly agree with you about the cars blocking the sidewalk. My next door neighbor consistently blocks the sidewalk, I have talked to code enforcement, but this guy is on some Bs city committee, so that must exempt him. [wink]


This is an interesting article. I can understand people's complaints about others legitimately overstuffing their cans to the point of it flying out. They should notify the city managers office, code enforcement or their councilman or councilwoman. I would contact my council person first. As for the rest of the issue, all others who have concerns about the possibility of being nit-picked against with their trash should still contact their council members. I know I will be contacting mine for district 4 ( I advise all who have concerns to do the same. If you don't think your council person will care, then contact mine or any of the other ones you trust to listen to you.


This is a bunch trash or this article does not give all the details. So am I to believe that when I put my trash out this morning with the lid closed and because of the wind blowing my lid open I will be fined $6.00. C'mon Man! Now I know that residents over stuff there trash and the lid will not close because of that, but I am pretty sure that the hydraulic arm on the truck can lift and dump the trash without to much of a problem. The residents that should be fined are the ones who have loose trash that fly's out of the trash bins and all over the neighborhood. That really get's me. I stopped picking up loose trash in yard years ago when I witnessed that same trash being blown down the street (loose) on trash day. I really believe the bigger issue is loose trash and not open trash lids. I nor others can control the wind, but if the trash is properly bagged and secured it will not blow all over the place. So fine those with loose trash and also start enforcing the law for people parking with there vehicles blocking the sidewalk. I hate going for a walk and have to walk in the street because cars, trucks, trailers and even motorcycles are blocking the walkway. C'mon Killeen, let's start enforcing all the laws on the books instead of throwing darts and saying "now we will enforce this or that law".


I think it's just another source of income for this ghetto town. the " downtown" area needs more money dumped into a loser area. what about when the wind blows the lid open, I will stand by the can to immediately close it so as not to detract from the beauty of the TRASH CAN!!!!


Most people finish filling the can prior to putting the can on the curb. If you have ever watched the automated truck picking up the cans you know it has no trouble emptying a can with the lid open or half open. This is another rule just to raise money.

Im sure there is so much waste in the Killeen city budget that they cant close the lid on the budget. Who was the moran and the council that proposed this ordinance?


LOL LOL I love Killeen! Cold beer, good looking women,fast cars and now trash issues.LOL LOL


"...she wouldn’t characterize residents’ not abiding by the ordinance as frequent..."

Then she hasn't been our street. Every single trash day, the containers are piled high, with unsecured bags and loose trash blowing about the neighborhood on the wind. Birds perch atop the piles looking for food and the stray dogs leap at it hoping for a scrap. I've come to dread trash pickup day, knowing what our street will look like.


Wow. Really? Neat looking trash for collection or else? Really?

Do the people making rules in Killeen need a hobby?


One of the better ideas I've saw city hall want to put into effect, having citizens clean up the trashy look of some of the trash cans leased to the citizens.

There is notation when city service for water is received, and which can include a trash can, of all of the rules pertaining to trash pick up,and which are noted in above article.
Either people don't read them or they just don't care about the rules they,and others, for the health and welfare of everyone, are suppose to follow.

It is truly disgusting to see, how some will set a trash can at the curb so over filled with garbage, the lid is completely to the back of the can.There's no way the truck lift is going to be able to lift the can/s, with out having sometimes a large part of the overflow spill out,
I have saw the drivers have to get out, to pick up the overflow which takes away time of getting onto the rest of their route.

Some households make a regular practice of having trash spilling out of the cans,
I guess its a 'just don't care' attitude about how their neighbors may not like the neighbors trash blowing into their own property or out onto the public street.
Or citizens will leave cans on the street sometimes which can block traffic, for days at a time. No excuse for either of these situations.

If the only way a point can be gotten across to some of these none caring citizens, who should want to help keep the/their city clean is to fine them,
There's no other alternative


I commented before reading yours. I should have just said "+1" to Eliza. :-)



You described it above very well--- I could have said DITTO

If I can take time to put my trash in the 'trash can' and close the lid, there's no reason others shouldn't be able to, as long as they are capable of doing it.

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