By Sarah Rafique

Killeen Daily Herald

Sitting on the sweltering pavement Saturday afternoon, William Roque, 8, and his brother, Vincent, 2, scribbled on a concrete pathway at Iduma Park with bright-colored chalk.

It was the second of four stops during Killeen Parks and Recreation's Parade of Parks.

Sherry Wolfe, recreation superintendent for Killeen Parks and Recreation, said the event was aimed at making residents aware of the city's smaller neighborhood parks and encouraging children to stay active outdoors.

Last year, the event featured one park every Saturday in July to celebrate national park and recreation month. This year, the city decided to feature four in one day: Maxdale, Iduma, Lions Club and Pershing parks.

Maria Garcia has lived in Killeen for seven years, but hadn't heard of some of the smaller community parks, such as Iduma, where she brought her daughter, Arianna, 5.

"It's a good introduction to the park because I only know of (the larger ones)," said Garcia, as Arianna played games, ate an ice cream sandwich and danced to Zumba music. Arianna said she likes going to the park with her mom. During the summer, they usually go about once a week.

Garcia said the event was a good way to socialize and introduce Arianna to other children in the community.

Jasmine Roque of Harker Heights found out about the event Saturday morning and decided to make a day out of it. After living in the area for only a year, Roque said it was a good way to get to know people in the community and let the kids play and have fun.

Not many cities have events where the community can come together and participate in fun and free events, she said.

"It's nice to know that you can still go to the park and make a day out of it and have fun with your kids and meet people in your community, which is very important," Roque said.

She enjoys coming to the park with her kids, especially when activities are planned because there are more people for her children to interact with.

"It was a good crowd. They all seemed to enjoy the activities," Wolfe said. "It gets people out of their houses and into parks, so we're always happy about that."

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